Should passing periodic driving record checks be required for continued employment?

Many driving record checks are done once — before a job candidate is hired. They help employers ensure that they’re hiring safe drivers, without a history of traffic violations or citations. Some companies even perform driving record checks on their drivers once every 12 months. Periodic driving record checks can be especially beneficial for employers, who want to protect both their drivers and company.

Why should companies consider doing periodic driving record checks for employment? 

Driving record checks are not always conducted after the hiring process is over. Despite this, it can be important for employers to periodically check their employees’ driving records. Employers will be able to: 

  • Keep their employees accountable — Periodic driving record checks maintain driver accountability. If drivers know they’ll be monitored throughout their employment — and not just once before they’re hired — they may be more likely to pay attention to their driving and drive safely.
  • Lower their risk of company liability — Periodic driving record checks can protect businesses from being held responsible from an accident involving a driver. If an employer is constantly checking in, then they have more chances to take necessary steps to prevent accidents. Periodic driving record checks can therefore lower a company’s risk of liability.
  • Keep up with document changes — A periodic driving record check can be an opportunity for employers to make sure their employees’ driver’s licenses are not expired. They can also check if a license has had points added to it. It’s important for employers to know the legal status of their drivers at all times, and periodic checks can help.  

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