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Nonprofit organizations labor for many excellent causes, but many people think that these organizations don’t offer paid positions. The reality is that paid positions at nonprofits employ 12.5 million Americans

Nonprofit employees are often privy to people’s personal and financial information. They may also work with large donations depending on their position. For these reasons, background checks are commonly done for nonprofit job candidates. However, nonprofit HR professionals and hiring managers often have a problem finding the time to do these background checks. 

That’s where Background Experts comes in. Our team can help nonprofit hiring and HR staff perform the background checks they need. We’re also committed to helping ensure that nonprofit organizations can provide safe and secure working environments for their staff, volunteers and the clientele they serve. We do so by offering a host of services that allow nonprofits to make informed hiring decisions. 

Every nonprofit is slightly different, which is why we don’t try to shoehorn every organization into the same set of services. Instead, we take the time to build a custom package for your organization. Often, our nonprofit background check packages include: 

You don’t have to waste time doing background checks for the nonprofit job candidates you’re considering. Our Background Experts team has a combined 30 years of experience at performing background screenings. We also adhere to the highest possible compliance standards. This combination of experience and high standards allows us to get your screenings done quickly and effectively.

It’s easy to start getting our help building a custom package for your organization. Simply contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to talk to one of our background screening experts.