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Many people think that most American manufacturing jobs are gone. That’s not entirely true. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that more than 12.5 million Americans have manufacturing sector jobs. And there are many manufacturing jobs still available.

HR and hiring managers have a tough task when it comes to filling open manufacturing jobs. They must find employees who will help create and maintain a safe working environment. They also have to find applicants with the right skills and experience. In addition, many managers find themselves stuck doing background checks for the positions they’re hiring for. 

Background Experts can help take these background checks off your plate. Our services are designed to help employers verify an applicant’s work experience and background. They can also help to ensure that the applicant is safe to bring onto your team. 

We don’t just offer one-size-fits-all background screening packages, though. Our packages are customized to fit each client and the types of applicants they’re screening. A few of the services that we often use when screening candidates for manufacturing jobs include: ​

You don’t have to waste time doing background checks for the candidates of the manufacturing jobs you’re trying to fill. Our Background Experts team has a combined 30 years of experience at performing background screenings. We also adhere to the highest possible compliance standards. This combination of experience and high standards allows us to get your screenings done quickly and effectively.

Eager to start building your custom background screening package? Contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to talk to one of our background screening experts.