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Trust, but verify. This familiar phrase was popularized by President Ronald Regan. He was talking about Russian/U.S. nuclear arms reduction. Yet the phrase could also be applied to how hiring managers and HR professionals should treat the information that applicants give them. 

When it comes to identity verification, you may not know where to start. This is where our Background Experts team is ready and willing to step in. You provide the trust, and our team can help provide the identity verification with a range of services. Below are the services we offer to help you verify the identity and credentials of your prospective employees.


  • Social Security Number Trace — This identity verification service is designed to verify a person’s Social Security (SS) number. To do so, you will need to supply the applicant’s name, date of birth, aliases and address history. The results you receive includes:
    • The state the applicant lived in when their SS number was issued. 
    • The year their SS number was issued.
    • A comparison of their SS number against the master file of SS numbers of deceased people.
  • Motor Vehicle Report — This identity verification service provides driver’s license status and verification. It may also provide a three to seven year driving record for the applicant.
  • Professional License Verification — Provides confirmation of claimed Professional License as reported by the candidate and may include validation, expiration, and whether the license is active.
  • Professional Reference Verification — Contacting former supervisors, colleagues and coworkers to gauge the applicant’s capabilities and authenticate work history.

  • Credit Report — Shows a candidate’s credit history, names and addresses of current and previous employers, notifications of bankruptcies, the candidate’s credit and payment history, any unpaid bills turned over to a collection agency, and other credit inquiries made on the candidate.
    • Education Verification — This form of identity verification checks the accuracy of the applicant’s educational background. Some of the results this service can offer include verifications of: 
      • The level and number of degrees the applicant has been awarded. 
      • The applicant’s school attendance information. 
      • Certifications the applicant may have obtained.
    • Employment Verification — This service provides verification of the applicant’s work identity. It’s designed to assess the accuracy of the information that the applicant presents about how long they have been employed. It can also provide information verifying their past employers and the job titles the applicant previously held.​

    International Verifications

    Hiring employees from other countries can help bring diversity to your company. However, it also comes with a whole different level of identity verification challenges. Our international verification service can help you face these challenges. It’s designed to provide you with verification of an international applicant’s: 

      • Education outside the U.S.
      • Previous employment in their home country or other countries. 
      • Licensing and credentials they have obtained internationally. 

    Background Experts is ready to help you find the identity verification services you need.

    Many businesses require a specific set of identity verification steps for every applicant. Others may have special requirements for international applicants. At Background Experts, our experienced team can help you find the right mix of identity verification services to fit your needs. 

    Contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to talk to one of our background screening experts.