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Hotel and hospitality jobs are a major slice of the U.S. job market. It’s true that the pandemic took a bite out of this job sector, but there were nearly 1.4 million people employed in hotel and hospitality jobs in 2021. 

Individuals employed in the hospitality industry often have intimate contact with guests and their possessions. Employers must have an amplified level of trust with these employees as a result. Background Experts offers solutions for vetting hotel and hospitality job applicants. Our goal is to help employers in this industry manage and reduce risk. 

Tailored screening packages are how we strive to meet this goal. Some of the services that we often recommend for hotel and hospitality packages include: 

You don’t have to waste time doing background checks for the hotel or hospitality jobs you’re trying to fill. Our Background Experts team has a combined 30 years of experience at performing background screenings. We also adhere to the highest possible compliance standards. This combination of experience and high standards allows us to get your screenings done quickly and effectively.

Eager to start building a screening package that can help you fill hotel or hospitality jobs more effectively? Contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to talk to one of our background screening experts.