Tenant Screening

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Rental property owners and landlords are often looking for ways to protect their rented spaces. One way they can do so is to perform tenant screenings on their prospective tenants. Yet many owners and landlords don’t have the expertise or the time to do a thorough tenant screening. 

Background Experts offers tenant screening services to a wide range of clients. Some of the clients we can assist include: 

  • Landlords. 
  • Property managers. 
  • Residential and commercial property management companies. 
  • Extended-stay hotels. 
  • Apartment complexes. 
  • Commercial and residential developers. 

Our tenant screening solutions are designed to help reduce many of the risks associated with delinquent tenants and renting to unreliable applicants. We customize each tenant screening package to fit each client’s specific needs. Typically, these packages include services like: ​

You don’t have to waste time doing background checks for the dozens of potential tenants you’re considering. Our Background Experts team has a combined 30 years of experience at performing background screenings. We also adhere to the highest possible compliance standards. This combination of experience and high standards allows us to get your screenings done quickly and effectively.

It’s easy to start building your custom tenant screening package. Just contact our team today for more information about all the services we offer or to talk to one of our background screening experts.