Pre-employment driving record checks: 3 things they can tell you even if the candidate won’t be driving for you officially

Most employers run general background checks before hiring a new employee. But pre-employment driving record checks are just as important, especially if your employees will be driving for you. Employers often perform driving record checks on candidates applying for positions like:

  • Delivery driver.
  • Truck driver.
  • Bus driver.
  • Construction worker.
  • Taxi driver.
  • Ambulance driver.

If employees must handle a vehicle or heavy machinery on the job, driving record checks should be included in their hiring process. Driving record checks screen employees for traffic violations and can protect employees and the public from possible harm. They can also help verify a job candidate’s identity. Employers can even check the driving records of potential employees who aren’t officially driving for them.

3 ways pre-employment driving record checks on unofficial drivers can benefit employers

Employees who are unofficial drivers may drive a lot on the job. However, driving may not be in their job description. Employers can gain from conducting driving record checks on unofficial drivers. Pre-employment driving record checks can offer employers many benefits, including: 

  1. Liability protection — Employees who commute long distances or drive a company car can be at risk of accidents. Employers can be liable if these accidents were caused with company property or during an employee’s working hours. Driving record checks can help lessen the likelihood of on-the-job accidents. They can also prevent claims that may hold employers responsible.
  2. Stable insurance and legal costs — If an employee driving a company car receives a ticket or gets into an accident, insurance rates can skyrocket to 30% above the original rate. And, if the employee is sued for negligent driving, employers can be held responsible for negligent hiring. Negligent hiring is a claim made when an employee harms others and the employer could have prevented it. Both high insurance rates and negligent hiring fees can cost companies millions. Driving record checks can help employers hire drivers who will avoid reckless driving at all costs.
  3. A safe company culture — Pre-employment driving record checks provide an additional layer of screening so that employers can ensure their employees are responsible, honest and safe. Hiring employees who value safety can help shape the company culture into a positive one. Employers want to hire candidates who are dedicated to protecting themselves, their colleagues and the public. Whether the employee is an official driver or not, driving record checks can help employers identify candidates whose daily life reflects company values.

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