How can HR teams tell if they should be doing pre-employment driving record checks?

Before hiring a driver, employers want to ensure that an applicant’s driving is safe and reliable. Pre-employment driving record checks can be useful tools in determining an applicant’s reliability. Whether it’s truck driving, delivery driving, commercial driving or anything in between, driving record checks can help HR teams screen applicants for past traffic violations and patterns of safe driving. They can also help verify an applicant’s identity and validity of their driver’s license. In total, pre-employment driving record checks can help employers hire new drivers with confidence. 

3 signs HR teams should conduct pre-employment driving record checks

If your company just opened a new driving position and your HR team hasn’t conducted driving record checks yet, it may be a good time to start. Driving record checks can show an applicant’s traffic accidents, points on their license, traffic violations, fines and more. 

All this information can be extremely useful and help an employer avoid liabilities. But if employers don’t utilize driver record checks, they can be exposed to significant monetary loss. HR teams should be screening potential drivers if:  

  • Their open position involves lots of continuous driving. 

If your company just opened a driving position that requires an employee to drive a few hours a day, then a pre-employment driving record check can be essential. Knowing an applicant’s driving experience well can help HR teams determine if the applicant is right for the job’s demands, before trusting them on the road.

  • Their priority is protecting their employees. 

Hiring a driver can be nerve wracking, especially if your employee will be on the clock while driving alongside public cars. An employee who has a history of accidents or traffic violations may be a danger to themselves or others on the road. This can be a serious concern. If your company values their employees’ health and well-being, it is best to avoid hiring a problem driver.

  • They want to trust their employees with company property. 

Hiring someone to drive a company car means trusting them to handle that car with care. Even if you aren’t hiring them to drive a company car, you could be hiring them to carry deliveries from one place to another. In this case, you are trusting them with the integrity of those products and delivering them on time. A pre-employment driving record check can help protect your company property, including your car. 

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