3 ways a pre-employment driving record check can help protect you from liability issues

It’s important for employers to screen employees before hiring them. It’s especially important to screen drivers before hiring them. Employers want to know that their drivers are safe and reliable. They also want to be protected. Without conducting a proper pre-employment driving record check, employers can be liable if:

  • The driver-employee was distracted by a company phone while on the road. 
  • The driver-employee did not have a valid license. 
  • The driver-employee was distracted by work-related calls or text while on the road. 
  • The car involved in an accident was a company car.
  • The driver-employee has a history of impaired driving.

With all these possible liabilities, it can be daunting for employers to hire a driver. However, a pre-employment driving record check can verify a potential driver’s identity and help companies hire with less worry. 

3 ways a pre-employment driving record check can help protect companies

A thorough pre-screening process can help employers avoid legal and financial headaches down the road. The protections and benefits of a pre-employment driving record check include: 

  • Avoiding negligent hire lawsuits — If an employee is involved in an accident and is discovered to have a history of traffic violations, and the company hired them anyway, then the company can be liable for the crash. This is related to a negligent hire suit, which can occur when an employee causes harm and the employer neglected to take the necessary steps to prevent it. By performing a pre-employment driving record check, an employer takes the necessary steps to know their potential driver — including their history — before they get on the road.
  • Maintaining low insurance rates — After an accident claim, insurance rates can increase between 20% and 40% over the original rate. Pre-employment driving record checks help employers ensure that they are hiring competent, safe drivers who try their best to steer clear of accidents. A consistent stretch of good driving demonstrates low risk and can help a company’s insurance rates remain low. An employee’s good driving, then, can help an employer maintain low insurance rates.  
  • Promoting safety and safeguarding reputation — Hiring safe and competent drivers can protect both employees and the public. A reputation of safe drivers sends a message that a company cares about the well-being of its employees. On the other hand, a bad reputation for driving may sour a company’s relationships with clients, investors and other companies. Pre-screening potential drivers can help protect a company’s reputation and future business. 

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