Explore how long a background check can take for an IT job

  • The time it takes to complete a background check can vary, but generally, if you choose a reputable background screening service, you can expect a check to take a few days and in some cases even up to a few weeks. The time it takes for completion depends on the type of check and the information being requested through the check. It can take a shorter amount of time for an online employment check and a longer period of time for something like an FBI check. However, in the IT industry, there are a few different factors that could affect how long a background check takes for a job.

What factors can affect how long background checks take for people trying to get IT jobs?

  • Embellishing educational history — Tech companies often have strict educational requisites for their employees, which can lead to applicants who dress up their educational accomplishments. Verification of someone’s educational history, especially if it has been embellished or fabricated, can lengthen the amount of time a background check takes for an IT job. 
  • Embellishing employment history — Just like in the case where an applicant were to embellish or fabricate their educational history, if an applicant does so to their employment history, the background verification process can become lengthened. A background screening can make all the difference in the search for a qualified worker in the IT industry.
  • Criminal record or civil misconduct — Checking for criminal history in the IT industry is just as important as any other industry, as is reviewing any history of civil misconduct. Both of these factors are indicative of the history and potentially even the future of the individual up for hire. If your potential employee has a criminal record or history of civil misconduct, the amount of time it takes for their background check to be finished could be longer than average.
  • Just like most others, IT companies can absolutely benefit from conducting background checks during the hiring process. Ensuring that your employees have been appropriately vetted can reduce company liability, ensure that you have hired on qualified workers, and also create a safe workplace for your other employees.

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