Why is a drug detection window an important consideration for drug testing services?

The drug detection window is the period of time after a drug has been used that the drug can be detected within the body by a drug test. There really is no specific time frame that you can expect a drug to stay in an individual’s system; the detection window can vary based on several different factors.

Background Experts can provide you with a reliable drug testing service for your company or business. We provide a variety of service packages for several industries. Our drug testing services include urine, hair, and alcohol breath testing and a range of panel drug tests. Our drug testing experience allows us to share some of the factors that can affect a drug detection window.

What factors affect the drug detection window?

  • Hydration levels — An individual’s hydration levels can affect the length of time that drug detection is possible. Those with average or above average hydration may have a drug in their system for less time. People who aren’t well hydrated often have drugs in their bodies for longer. 
  • Body mass — An individual’s drug test results can be altered by their body mass. Someone with a higher body mass is more likely to have a drug stay in their system for longer. This is because some drug metabolites tend to stay in fatty tissue.
  • Urine acidity — When urine is more acidic, drugs are more likely to be detected in someone’s system for a shorter amount of time. This is why professional drug testing services take the time to analyze the acidity in a subject’s urine.
  • How long it has been since the drug was used — Someone who has used drugs more recently is more likely to receive a positive drug test result. Someone who has used drugs less recently is less likely to receive a positive drug test result.

Why is the drug detection window important for drug testing services?

The drug detection window is important because it is a limited period of time that allows for employers to identify if their employees have recently used drugs. It can signal if a worker may have done drugs on the job. It may also explain why they might be underperforming in the workplace. Understanding what factors can affect the drug detection window is also important for drug testing services because these factors can influence the results of a test.

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