4 red flags that are commonly uncovered by background screenings

If your company is screening applicants for a job position, you may want to consider background checks for your prospective employees. Background screenings can be particularly helpful, especially if you know what to watch out for. At Background Experts, we’re committed to providing our customers with reliable information. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four red flags that are commonly uncovered through background checks.

What are some red flags that the background screening process might reveal?

Background checks can help employers filter through prospective employees. They can be helpful in determining which applicants may or may not be the best fit for a company. Below are a few examples of things to look out for during the screening process. If you observe one or more of these during an applicant’s screening, you may want to proceed with caution.

1.Criminal history — The screening process can help uncover an individual’s criminal record. This type of information is important for an employer to understand before hiring an applicant. In the event that an employer were to hire someone who commits a criminal offense on the job, the employer may be held liable.

2. Several short-term jobs — The screening process may reveal that someone has had many jobs for brief periods of time. This could be an indicator of employee instability. It’s important to determine what their many short-term jobs could be attributed to. Some common things that can lead to a choppy job history include: 

Being fired from several jobs.

Frequently quitting jobs. 

Working many seasonal jobs.

3. Negative references — Negative references can indicate an employee’s past workplace performance. It’s important to remember that sometimes a bad reference can result from personal issues, but several similar references are more reliable.

4. Inconsistent education and/or work history — Background screenings can uncover inconsistencies in education and work history. If a prospective employee submits an application that fabricates their education level or omits relevant work experience, take heed.

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