How long does a background check take for new transportation industry employees?

Are you a new transportation industry employee or an employer? Are you wondering how long a background check could take? A transportation background check may take anywhere from three days to three weeks to complete. This is quite a range of time. There are several factors that can determine how long it takes to complete your transportation background check.

What factors can affect how long it takes for a background check for new transportation industry employees?

  • Delays — Background checks can be met with delays for several reasons. Delays can occur when screening services reach out to businesses or educational institutions. Sometimes these institutions have not yet digitalized their records. When this happens, records must be sent by mail. This can usually hold up the screening process. Another reason could be a work backlog at a courthouse or other institution. Delays also occur when work piles up and institutions are understaffed.
  • Expediting background checks — Background checks on transportation industry employees can be sped up. The process can be made quicker when those undergoing the screening volunteer documents or information.
  • Verifying information on background checks — Most background screening services will verify their findings before handing over a report. Sometimes, this need for review can slow down how long the background check can take to be completed. Especially if some information needs to be corrected.

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