It is never been more important for your business or volunteer organization to conduct a thorough background check on anyone who could be working with you. Through what shows up on a background check, you can decide who to hire and who to pass on. You can identify areas where you need to follow up, verify that a candidate is who they say they are, and protect yourself from the liability of a bad hire.

1. Identity Verification

Identity verification is a key component to a background check and an important one. In the vast majority of cases applicants are exactly who they claim to be, but it is that one sketchy situation you have to watch out for. If an applicant is using someone else’s name, the skills and experience they claim to have could all belong to someone else. They may not be a citizen, landing you in hot water with federal authorities if you have not done your due diligence. They could even be seeking the position for entirely nefarious purposes, opening you up to liability and putting your staff and customers at risk.

A good background check will verify Social Security numbers and trace their link to names, birth dates, aliases, and address histories. A background check can also flag up whether a Social Security number was really issued in the year an applicant claims and can run it against a master file of national deaths, so you are certain the number genuinely belongs to your applicant.

2. Criminal Record

Criminal records are important, but they are also hard to comb through on your own. Federal, state, and county criminal records are all kept in separate places, and while some states make it easy to access county records, in others, you must request records directly from the county courthouse of any place where an applicant has lived. Even worse, if you do not have a complete address history and list of aliases, you may not even know where to look to get a full and complete criminal record.

Our background checks use the National Criminal Information Scan to identify records from many sources as well as parole and probation information, arrest data and warrant information. We also conduct a federal check at each of the 94 U.S. Federal Courts and Guam and Puerto Rico. This means we can identify any federal record from the FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and more. We can also check records all the way down to the county level to identify even violations of local ordinances or traffic violation records.

3. Sex Offender Status

You can not be too careful these days, and especially if your business, school, church, or volunteer organization works with children. A background check can verify the sex offender status of anyone you are considering. This gives you peace of mind that everyone you work with is safe and reduces your liability even if something unfortunate were to happen.

Our sex offender background check will search on both the state and federal levels and give you results from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and from all participating Native American tribes and nations.

4. Resume Verification

It is easy to embellish a resume. Many of us have done it, but there is a big difference between up-selling our legitimate experience and simply lying about previous jobs and qualifications. Your background check will show you whether a potential employee or volunteer really has the education they claim. You will be able to see immediately if they attended the institutions they name, earned the degrees or certificates they list, and have the job experience they claim.

Our background checks will look at attendance records for classes, verify certifications, and check with previous employment records to make sure that job titles and employment records align with what an applicant puts down in their application.

5. International Record

In some cases, knowing an applicant’s international history could be important. If someone you are considering hiring has spent significant time outside of the United States, Background Experts can check international records for criminal histories, civil records, and bankruptcies.

Our background checks can also verify licenses and credentials and give you the assurance that an applicant really has the international employment and education history they claim to have.

6. Financial Trouble

Many of us have financial difficulties from time to time, but someone in serious financial straits could be a liability in certain situations. People in financial trouble have a greater temptation to steal, sell company information, or find other ways to leverage their position with you to get them out of trouble or pay off a tax debt.

A Background Experts background check can identify any liens on an applicant at the state and federal levels. You will know if they have failed to pay their taxes or whether there are any liens or judgments against them at the county level, too. You will also see if they have ever filed for bankruptcy or if there are actions of foreclosure against them by a financial institution.

7. Civil Records

In some cases, it is important to know if someone has any civil court cases on their record. Civil records could include marriage and divorce records, but they also include appellate pleas, records from superior or circuit courts, and small claims court records. You will know if landlords have ever had to take action against them as well.

Our civil records check also includes the 94 federal courts through the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. You will see at a glance if a potential employee has a concerning habit of bringing personal lawsuits against employers and coworkers or whether they have any judgments against them that could be a red flag for other reasons.

Customizing Your Background Check

There is a lot you can learn from a background check, and with Background Experts, you can choose the information that is most important to you based on your industry and needs. If you are in education or are a church in need of childcare workers, for example, you must be sure that your institution remains a safe, drug-free environment for children. Financial institutions and healthcare providers need assurance that every potential hire is someone who can be trusted with sensitive personal information about clients or financial records.

Hotels and others in the hospitality industry need to be sure that everyone working for them can be trusted to have face-to-face contact with guests and potential access to belongings. If you are in IT or manufacturing, your biggest priority could be the assurance that a candidate really has the skills and experience they claim. At Background Experts, we offer a customizable experience so you can control what shows up on a background check and get the information you need most.

Don’t Settle for Less

A background check protects you and everyone on your team from bad actors and bad hires. You should not settle for cheap, simple background checks that cannot flag the real issues that put you and your company at risk. Start off every relationship with a potential hire or volunteer the right way through a professional, courteous, thorough background check. Contact the Background Experts today to learn more about our services and get the peace of mind you deserve.