It is important to understand that everyone who works for your business becomes a public representative for you and your brand. Interactions made with customers both in-person and online can create ripples that continue to affect your business long after the employee has moved on. Every online interaction has the potential to go viral, and if the attention is negative, the consequences to your business could be catastrophic. Thorough and efficient background screening can provide you with considerable peace of mind as you fill critical positions in your company.

8 Easy Steps for Accurate Background Screening

If you have a successful business, you have probably developed a considerable talent for assessing the skills and qualities of people you meet. Hiring good people is the foundation of a successful work environment. But even an extensive interviewing process allows you only a limited amount of time to get to know a candidate and people with something to hide become very good at burying their past. Background screening is an important and necessary step that helps ensure you begin your relationship with your new employee without the fear of unpleasant surprises down the road.

It is always prudent to do your due diligence before making a hire. It is much more complicated and difficult to remove a problematic employee than it is to not hire a candidate in the first place. Fast and accurate background screening does not significantly delay the hiring process, and it is conducted in a manner the candidate will find to be courteous and respectful. The best quality candidates often prefer to know they are joining a workplace with a guarantee of high character co-workers.

1. Identity Verification

Identity verification helps your business know that the person you are hiring is who he or she claims to be. There are many components to identity verification that include such things as a social security trace and confirmation, confirmation of birthdate, tracing aliases and places of residence, and license status. You will also receive a motor vehicle report, which can include up to seven years of driving history and motor vehicle registration reports that can be used to confirm previously acquired information.

Identity verification is a critical first step because it guarantees that the other information you gather about a candidate, including his or her professional credentials, are the legitimate achievements of the individual navigating your hiring process.

2. Verification of References and Education

A detailed resume is a wonderful starting point, but it is always a good idea to ensure all the information is accurate. Verification of earned degrees, attendance at an institution of higher education, and following up on employment listings helps provide a more accurate overall picture. A resume is an opportunity for a candidate to sell himself or herself, but it is possible to succumb to overstatement in an effort to provide the most impressive documentation possible. In some instances, this overstatement can result in falsified information.

No business wants to miss out on hiring a superior candidate because they were dazzled by a resume that turned out to be a fabrication. An unverified resume might also corrupt the interview process by creating a false sense of expectation. Reference, work history, and educational verification allow your hiring team to evaluate all candidates with the kind of impartial assessment that leads to accurate information and a superior decision-making process.

3. Civil Records

Civil records provide information on lawsuits at both the county and national level. Results from this search can include everything from traffic violations to landlord/tenant disputes to federal bankruptcy.

4. Criminal Records

Anyone who is an employee of your business will have access to funds and information critical to your corporate security and long-term viability. A checkered past does not preclude an employer from contracting a candidate, but it is best to make such a decision with complete awareness of the situation.

There are multiple databases that must be examined in order to have a complete picture of a candidate’s background. The National Criminal Information Scan (NCIS) will provide any court, incarceration, or prison/inmate information. Warrants, arrest data, and probation information will also be discovered from this source. County and Federal criminal databases will check for local and national records. This can include everything from traffic violations to whether or not the candidate has ever been investigated by federal agencies.

5. Sex Offender Search

A sex offender search goes beyond the inquiry into criminal records and is imperative for ensuring a safe and stable workplace. The sex offender search checks all registered offenders at the state and federal level. This search provides some protection against criminal liability for anything that might occur if an offender is mistakenly introduced into your workplace and causes a problem.

6. International Search

A thorough background screening must also include the candidate’s international reputation. Today, more and more individuals are being hired from abroad, and it is imperative to subject them to the same level of screening as local candidates. International screening allows you to be sure of identity, references, and education, civil and criminal records, and the sex offender status of a candidate that has spent all or part of their life residing abroad.

7. Drug Testing

For many businesses, drug testing is an integral part of the hiring process and a requirement for securing ongoing employment. It is important that your drug testing needs are handled with efficiency, courtesy, and professionalism. Drug testing provides your business with the assurance that your employees are maintaining the necessary standard, and it can have insurance ramifications as well as provide some protection against legal liability.

8. …And More

It is possible to customize your background screening process if you have specialized demands that require even more information. Greater detail and further areas of investigation can help provide you with the information you need to make the best possible hire. Businesses have never been subjected to more public scrutiny than they are today. You must protect yourself with an exhaustive background screening process that guarantees neither you nor your brand will be caught unawares by the past behaviors of a new employee.

Background Screening Helps You Make the Right Choice

The more information you have at your disposal, the better your chances of making the right choice. Obtaining accurate information about a candidate’s background allows you to put aside your positive and negative impressions and select a new employee based on data analysis and the best projections for success. Modern background screenings help take the guesswork out of the hiring process and can be completed in only a few days. Further services such as drug testing can also be handled by your screening expert after the hiring process has concluded.

Get the Help You Need

A business is only as good as its employees, and everyone that you hire will make a contribution to the overall impression of your business and brand. The right hire can help drive your company to new heights, and the wrong one can undo all the labor you’ve put in to make yourself a success. If you’d like to learn more about how efficient background screenings can help your company both through the hiring process and beyond, contact Background Experts today.