Driving record checks for employment could save you millions in the long run

If you’re an employer hiring drivers, then a driving record check may be a necessary step in screening potential employees. A driving record check for employment can verify your potential driver’s identity and determine if the driver has a history of traffic violations. These record checks can help employers hire with less worry — especially less financial worry. By utilizing driving record checks, employers may avoid costs associated with lawsuits, employee turnover and liability. 

Why conducting driving record checks for employment makes financial sense

Hiring company drivers can expose employers to many risks. Without proper prevention or protection, those risks can be costly. Driving record checks for employment can help employers protect themselves and their employees. Without utilizing driving record checks, employers can be exposed to costs including: 

  • Lawsuits —Hiring drivers can open doors for liabilities, claims and lawsuits. Negligent hiring is a common claim; if a company hires an employee who causes harm via an accident, and that employee had a background of traffic violations, then the company can be held liable. This is because the employer legally should have known about the employee’s potential to do harm, and they could have taken precautions to prevent the accident. A negligent hiring claim can cost millions. In 2019, a company was charged $54 million after a negligent hiring claim. Performing driving record checks for employment can reduce the chances that a company will face a negligent hiring claim.
  • Constant employee turnover —Keeping employees can be cheaper than firing them. A study revealed that turnover costs can be as much as 150% of an employee’s annual salary. In the long run, a committed employee might stay in the company longer, mitigating costs of turnover. Driving record checks for employment can help employers identify responsible, dedicated drivers who may stick around for the long haul. They also lower the need to fire employees for poor driving in the future.
  • Higher insurance costs —With even just one accident associated with the company, insurance costs can skyrocket. After an accident claim, an insurance rate can climb up to as much as 20% to 40%. Driving record checks for employment can help companies hire safe drivers and maintain company insurance rates.
  • Lost clients due to products not delivered on time —An accident involving a company car filled with packages introduces new problems: lost or damaged goods and late deliveries. Late deliveries caused by accidents can cause customers to question your company’s reliability. In addition to losing your products, you may also lose your clients. 

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