5 factors that can affect how long a background check takes for an education job applicant

Are you an education administrator in the process of taking on new employees? Are you wondering how long it would take to conduct a background screening on one of your job applicants? Look no further, because here at Background Experts, we offer services for a variety of different industries including education.

The time it takes for a background screening to be completed can often vary depending on several different factors. Additionally, these factors can be even more unique for education job applicants. Read more below to learn about five factors that can affect how long a background check may take for someone in the education industry.

What might slow down how long a background check takes for an education industry job applicant?

  1. Government processing — Information requests from governmental institutions can cause a background check to take longer than normal to complete. Government employees are often overloaded by the number of documents they need to process. The agency in question may also have limited staffing or resources. How long it takes to complete the check could depend on how many federal, state and county departments need to provide information for it. It also depends on the kind of information requested, like driving history, Social Security and criminal records.
  2. Educational institution processing — This type of processing can take a while to complete. Education verification requires email and phone contact, which might not be answered right away. These potential delays could affect how long it might take for a background check to be completed.
  3. Application inconsistencies — A potential employee may incorrectly fill out information on a resume. It will likely take longer to verify their background in this case. Pieces of the resume that are incorrect, or have been fabricated, would take longer to identify and correct. 
  4. Credential verification — Licenses and certificates can be verified through accrediting agencies. Just like governmental and educational institutions, the workload of these agencies can affect how long the background check might take to complete.
  5. Undisclosed convictions — Certain civil or criminal convictions can slow or even derail a background screening. The Ethics in Education Act, which passed in Florida in 2008, outlines the types of convictions that fit into this category. Under this act, convictions that can make individuals ineligible for education certification and employment include: 
  • Aggravated assault.
  • Abuse, neglect or exploitation charges.
  • Murder charges.
  • Possession of a weapon on or near school property. 

The kinds of offenses that would keep someone from receiving certification and employment with the education industry can be swiftly identified by a background check conducted through a service like ours. This can prevent the possibility of an individual who might pose a threat to children in school slipping through the cracks. 

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